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Arts & Letters

The National Commission on Arts and Letters was established in 1973 by National President Lillian Benbow. The mission of the Arts and Letters Committee of the Greensboro Alumnae Chapter (GAC) is directly aligned with that of the National Commission on Arts and Letters. The Arts & Letters Committee strives to boldly advance the black experience by highlighting the artistic contributions of African-American people of the past and present elevating them to public attention through the medium of music, dance, drama, and poetry.

The Greensboro Alumnae Chapter‘s (GAC) mission is to stimulate interest and promote positive images in the Arts of African Americans and other minorities throughout our community through various initiatives. The Annual Alberta W. Cuthbertson Visual and Performing Arts Program showcases the artistic talents of minority high school students.  The life experiences of our community leaders and others are documented and preserved by our Oral Black History Project. Worthwhile cultural endeavors are promoted through DSTv series, Delta Red Carpet Films, and Delta Authors on Tour.  GAC identifies and promotes city and local arts events that inspire our community.  We encourage and solicit the involvement of community youth and our Delta Youth Initiatives in our Arts and Letters activities.  Annually, the committee provides a Christmas Crafting Event in of support our low income communities by providing Christmas crafts, gifts, refreshments and holiday entertainment.  GAC collaborates with local arts organizations, local colleges and universities, community organizations, and local churches.  The Red Hot Readers Book Club provides a monthly bonding activity for our Chapter members.  The Greensboro Alumnae Chapter’s Arts and Letters Committee is open to seize any opportunities that comes available that will promote a positive image of the African American experience.



























Arts and Letters Presentations


34th Annual Alberta W. Cuthbertson Visual and Performing Arts Program (May 16, 2021)

Arts and Letters March 2021 Presentation

The Oral Black History Project


In the early ‘90s, the late Soror Albertha Cuthbertson chairperson of the Arts and Letters Committee had a vision to preserve the accomplishments of prominent African Americans in the city of Greensboro. As a result, her vision was developed as the Oral Black History Project.


The goals of the Oral Black History Project were:

  • To help youth develop better reading skills

  • To inspire youth that anything is possible

  • To encourage youth to develop goals

  • To inform youth that African Americans have made great strides in Greensboro and North Carolina


The initial interviews were preserved on cassette tapes and housed at the Vance Chavis Library. The Vance Chavis Library was identified as the perfect place to house the tapes because of its outreach and commitment in enriching the lives of African American children.


As technology changed, stories were transferred to compact disks and feature Greensboro Greats such as the Late Dr. Lewis Dowdy, former chancellor of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and the late Judge Elreta Alexander Ralston. Today, the Oral Black History Project preserves the accomplishments of Greensboro’s  “heroes and sheroes” through mini documentaries. 

Click to view the latest videos:

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Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson

Ken Free

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